Sahaja (Sanskrit....the natural state) is an online gallery for the photographic work of Chris L Jones. The collections have been curated from recent personal work, travel trips, older exhibitions and bodies of work that have stood the test of time. I have recently rethought my purpose and one of the ways I would describe the intention behind my work would be "to help people find themselves by seeing beyond the surface of things" I do endeavour to make images with a timeless quality to make them more collectable, and besides that, my intention has always been to inspire through the power of photography and by exploring new visual frontiers that embrace the ideas of awakening and consciousness evolution that are just emerging as popular themes in many lives.  The diversity of my work also means that it will appeal to many different tastes and be suitable for any kind of domestic or commercial space. The current trend for tiled gallery walls of mixed subjects make Sahaja a convenient one stop shop.
I hope you enjoy the work, your feedback is welcome.