Some further information about printing

Here at Sahaja, print quality is very important. We use a great custom fine art photographic printer that takes a lot of time to maintain the quality of their work. They pride themselves in providing the quality of output that matches our desire to beautifully craft our photographic images into print, and our prices reflect this.

The current trend for most serious photographic artists is to print on fine art ink jet papers and usually in matt or silk finishes for the feeling that they create. My printer is currently recommending Caslon versions of these that I pick according to their unique quality and how they may work with each image.

However, we understand that print finishes are very personal and are willing to accomodate your taste, so other papers are also available on request (depending on availability). In addition to this we are also happy to print according to your size, border and framing requirements. Please notify us by email and we can do a quote for you.

These papers and inks are environmentally friendly and are rated to resist fading for 100 years under normal home display conditions. Normal display conditions mean that the print is under glass, in a moisture free environment and out of direct sunlight.

Sizes, borders, other media and handling

Printing on other media like canvas and metallic finish prints for acrylic face mounting etc are also available on request.

Please note that all prints come with an approximately 5-10cm white border for handling and framing purposes. This can be increased or decreased according to your needs, but note that the print size overall will remain the same in order to maintain the price point.

You will receive your print/s in a cardboard tube. They require the utmost care in handling. Please do not touch or wipe the print surface and leave the print flattening to your framer. The print will be wrapped in tissue and other protective materials within the tube for its protection.